Custom Bikes Focus on Design and Functionality

The trend toward custom bikes has reached a new peak. If you keep something on yourself and your bike, you should make it exceptional and individual. Many cyclists do not want to be off the rack with a simple bike anymore. They appreciate style and choose a custom bike. The ideas for the redesign often […]

3 Famous Motorcycles in History

3 Famous Motorcycles in History

For some people, a motorcycle is just a vehicle, while for other people it is a love of their lives. Having a two-wheeled vehicle is a way to make true the dram of flying with the wind.  But sooner or later most of the motorcycles end their days in scrap metal piles or spread around […]

Why A Bicyclist Should Consider Getting Insurance

While the whole topic of insurance of any kind has the same run-off-the-mill spiel about looking after you and your belongings in case of something happening, it is an essential one. It becomes even more critical when you have actually had first hand experience in something, and then you want to look at options. When […]

Going to Work: Car vs Bike

The need to commute daily, especially in densely populated urban areas, gives most people headaches; living in a big city guarantees traffic, so a car becomes less efficient than normal, and bike might not seem suitable if you work in an office with a dress code. There is always the option of public transportation, but […]

The Most Iconic Harleys in the Movies

Every Which Way But Loose There’s no shortage of Harleys appearing in Every Which Way But Loose, including an Electra Glide, a Panhead, and Sportsters. The sportster with the sidecar is the coolest bike in the film, which, while not an obvious choice, isn’t without good reason. The biker gang in the film was called […]

10 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle – Part 2

7. Finding your zen Part of the cool factor when you’re a biker is the fact that you no longer stress over things that could be deemed embarrassing, such as helmet hair, wearing base layers when entering a restaurant, or simply refusing to be upset when it’s windy or raining, or too hot or too […]

10 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle – Part 1

1. It makes you look cool Why we sometimes like to turn a blind eye to this, it’s largely at the core of all other reasons. Somehow, simply just being sat on a motorcycle makes you look cooler than everyone around you. And they’ll know it, too. It might seem uncool to admit that- part […]

How Your Bicycle Can Help to Save the Environment

A bicycle has a very definite role to play when it comes to contributing towards preserving our environment and ecosystem. Many people are quite rightly worried over pollution and many other related issues that dissolve and damage the ozone and cause the atmosphere to be dirty. If each one of us played a role in […]

Songs and Motorbikes

There are many songs that are associated with riding a motorbike. Some have lyrics in them to reflect the model of the bike while others have a certain sound that immediately associates that music with riding a bike. The Motorbike has had a close relationship with music since the 1960s when followers of different genres […]

The different manufacturers of motorcycles

Motorbikes are produced all around the world as the demand for them is global. The first manufacturers appeared in Europe and the United States because these were the regions where the motorcycle was invented. Many of the early manufacturers are no longer in business, but there are others that still make bikes today. One of […]