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Why A Bicyclist Should Consider Getting Insurance

While the whole topic of insurance of any kind has the same run-off-the-mill spiel about looking after you and your belongings in case of something happening, it is an essential one. It becomes even more critical when you have actually had first hand experience in something, and then you want to look at options. When it comes to bicycles and the insurance for the bicyclist itself, it can be tricky. After all, who thinks that you need insurance for a bike or a bicyclist who doesn’t ride very fast. Most information about bicyclist information and other protection is not the same and can vary from country to country. Information about financial organizations that provide insurance also is different everywhere. Therefore, while the information provided below is an outline, it can be used as a guide when speaking to a financial organization in the country of your origin or travel.

Why A Bicyclist Should Consider Getting Insurance
Why A Bicyclist Should Consider Getting Insurance

Why A bicyclist Needs an insurance

For a real bicyclist, the cost of the bike and all the gear that goes with it is super expensive. Once you start adding to the number of bikes you have, the amount you spend on the biking also increasing, calling for some sort of safety net to cover you. Gear that you purchase when your bicycle is too expensive and needs to be added to the cost of your bicycling activity. If the amount you spend every year on your bicycling is high, then it is time you consider insurance to be able to replace anything if anything.


In a perfect world, nothing happens to anyone or anything. However, things do happen, and you have to be prepared with a plan B when you do anything. You can simply slip off the edge of a cliff when riding even at the slowest of speeds and incur severe injury. Your insurance will look after any injuries you sustain when you cause or are in an accident depending on the kind of coverage you get. Your bike insurance can cover the following:

  1. Damage to yours and others properties
  2. Damage when you carry your bike into the garage still on the roof
  3. Theft at home or outside
  4. Damage when racing or travel

Choosing Insurance Providers

Several big companies offer insurance for bicycles. They cover a whole range of benefits for the rider and the bike. However, there are smaller companies and cycling associations that you can consider as well. Being part of an association also means that you get subsidized rates because they know the drill. They also ensure that your coverage is spot on. There are also professional and non-professional insurance options available or bicyclists. Look for what you are covered as part of your insurance. Check every fine print in the documentation to understand how you will be covered. Insurance companies are known to hide their insurance clauses to get away from paying anything substantial. Find out the restrictions that are in place for the policy you have taken so you know what you should not be doing. Better still, if you can, get an insurance that has all the bells and whistles, and your options of biking are boundless.