The National Motorcycle Museum

The Midlands of Britain and the motorcycle industry have always been closely related to one another. Many great British motorcycle manufacturers have chosen to base their businesses in this industrious area of the country. Therefore, it was not surprising that Solihull was the location chosen for the National Motorcycle Museum of Great Britain. The museum is the largest motorcycle museum in the world, and is highly regarded as the finest also.

A Grand Opening

The National Motorcycle Museum celebrated when it opened its doors in 1984, with an incredible three hundred and fifty motorcycles on display. The museum is the brainchild of Mr Roy Richards, who unfortunately passed away in 2008, but left his legacy behind for everybody to enjoy. His wife and two sons continue Roy’s great work, and the collection has expanded to over a thousand machines which all have been lovingly restored to their original mint condition and manufacturer’s original specification.

A Great Tourist Attraction

This great museum has been inundated with visitors since it first opened its doors to the public. The National Motorcycle Museum now attracts a quarter of a million visitors a year from all over the world. A large focus unsurprisingly is on British made machines, and has examples of many machines that came from the 60 Glorious Years of British motorcycle manufacturing.

The Objective of the Museum

The National Motorcycle Museum’s main aim is to preserve these classic motorcycles for future generations to come and enjoy them. It also leaves a poignant reminder of Britain’s great former manufacturing prowess and celebrates some of the greatest of British motorcycle designs that were ever built.

A Center for Enthusiasts

The museum also acts as a center for motorcycle enthusiasts especially in Britain. Many associations and motorcycle clubs have held events at the Solihull museum and it has become a focal point for the whole British motorcycle movement. The museum does not only house the most motorcycle exhibits in the world it also offers great conferencing and exhibiting areas. There are thirteen purpose-built conference and events suites on site, and there are two nearby hotels that are owned by the museum that delegates and event organizers can take advantage of.

Not only are motorcycle enthusiasts warmly welcomed at The National Motorcycle Museum, the current curators are keen to invite schools and colleges from all around Britain to come and see the great exhibits and also learn about the great motorcycle industry of the past. Students receive reduced admission charges, so they can explore the rich heritage of Britain’s motorcycle industry. Guided tours are available for pre-booked groups and written data can be available especially for educational visits.

Also, the museum can provide children’s competitions to liven up their busy visit and give a truly memorable day. This wonderful museum is not just a celebration of the motorcycle, it is somewhere that stands as a focal point to all the motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. And it also gives a true representation of just how great the manufacturing industry of the British Midlands area really was.