The bicycle and employment

The bicycle has been used for many years in all types of jobs. The first time it was used was as a result of it being the cheapest form of transport. This same attraction is still applicable today, but the bike is also popular as it is a cleaner method of transport, and it can cope with overwhelming congestion in the urban areas. The most basic link between bicycle and employment is the people who use a bike to get to their daily places of work. The major urban areas all experience massive migrations of people twice a day. This has led to rush hours where there are huge numbers of people trying to go in roughly the same direction.

Bicycles available for hire in London

Many people have attempted to deal with this by using a bike.  They can complete their daily healthy activity and also find a cheap, and at times really fast, way of getting into work. Today in cities like London there are stations where people who do not have to own a bike are able to hire one.

The Santander bike scheme has created 70 different stations around the capital that hold 11,000 bikes. People can use a credit card to pick up a bike from one docking station and, once they are done, park it in another station close to where they wish to cycle. Many people who do this combine it with a train ride from outside the urban centre before they hire the bike. Plenty of jobs are associated with riding a bike and being a postman in the United Kingdom has long been connected to the bicycle. For a number of years, mail delivery in the United Kingdom was done by a postman riding a bike, but now the post office has done away with the 14,000 bikes they once used and now deliver by van and trolley.

One of the major reasons for doing this is health and safety. This, of course, depends on how one interprets health and safety, as the post office’s beliefs are a great deal different from ambulance crews’ in various countries. They are now dispatching medical teams on bicycle as a first response action in many urban areas when there is a serious accident.

A technician working on a racing bike

Another area that are now using cyclists are the courier services. They target the inner city short deliveries for bike use. In these areas, the time spent delivering an emergency package on a bike is a lot quicker compared to the time it would require delivering it in a motorized vehicle.

The rickshaw has always been popular in the developing world. A carriage is attached to a bike and people are transported by the power of the human powered bike. This mode of transport is so popular among tourists that it has been introduced in many American cities, such as in Boston. A new concept of making the use of the bike is to attach trailers to the back of bike. Companies have exploited this by either placing advertising slogans on the trailers or using them to either deliver or collect articles. This has particularly been the case with laundry services who have used the bike to both collect and deliver items of washing.

In recent years there has been a vast increase in the number of professional cyclists who compete in the sport. The sport has developed since the start of the 1990s and there are now main three areas to focus their attention to: on the road, in the velodromes and outdoors on the mountain bikes. Most tend to specialize in one area as the skills set are very different among the three fields. These events are supported by huge numbers of bike technicians. The bikes are extremely high-tech pieces of equipment and they need to be maintained to the highest levels in order for the riders to able to compete at a world class level. The best bike technicians are highly paid and sought after and biking team will be accompanied by a well-organized repair team.

There are large numbers of jobs associated with bicycles.