How Your Bicycle Can Help to Save the Environment

A bicycle has a very definite role to play when it comes to contributing towards preserving our environment and ecosystem. Many people are quite rightly worried over pollution and many other related issues that dissolve and damage the ozone and cause the atmosphere to be dirty. If each one of us played a role in protecting the planet, we could perhaps, collectively, have a substantial and positive effect.

One way to make your lifestyle green and make your contribution to preserving the environment is to ride a bicycle as opposed to starting up your motorcycle or car. Operating vehicles is one of the things that many people do every day that is harmful to the environment.

Limiting the damage

Exhaust from cars is harmful to the ozone in an irreparable manner. The harm we cause to the ozone can’t be repaired, which only heightens the level of urgency we need to adopt and do all we can to cause as little harm as possible. As well as damaging the zone, vehicles running on combustion releases pollutants that negatively affect people’s health. Air pollutants don’t just harm the ozone layer, they also cause damage to our respiratory systems and lungs. It can go some way towards causing, or worsening, certain diseases and respiratory illnesses like COPD, emphysema, asthma, and even pneumonia.

Cycling in the modern age

Now, the world today does mean that driving is, in most cases, necessary to live our lives. However, if we simply made a small change, such as dedicating a day or a short route to riding our bicycles as a means of getting from one place to another, while the difference might seem small, it can make a significant difference, collectively. That’s not just to our health and other living creatures but also to the health of our planet. While we contribute to the health of the planet as well as the respiratory health of its inhabitants, we also play a huge role in improving our general physical health and fitness.

Strength and endurance

Cycling requires a degree of endurance and physical strength. To what degree is required depends on the distance that we travel. It also calls for discipline and determination. By using a bicycle, as opposed to a vehicle, even if just occasionally, we can get some exercise. This allows us to get a cardio workout, strengthen our muscles, build up our stamina, and increase mental clarity.

While there are a multitude of ways to take a greener approach to living, cycling is one that is worth at least giving some thought to. In addition to helping the planet, there are other very good reasons to make cycling part of our daily routine and make it more of an appealing activity to those used to driving. So, the next time you plan on going for a drive, think about dusting off that old bicycle in the garage and doing your part to help protect the environment in which you live.