Custom Bikes Focus on Design and Functionality

The trend toward custom bikes has reached a new peak. If you keep something on yourself and your bike, you should make it exceptional and individual. Many cyclists do not want to be off the rack with a simple bike anymore. They appreciate style and choose a custom bike. The ideas for the redesign often come from the customers themselves, and the execution is carried out by a professional. Classical wheels of steel frames are a very popular option. Older customers remember this mainstream design tip from their youth and they like the simple but robust design.

Old Technology, New Wheels

The frames are inserted into hollow cylinders and welded. This type of production is no longer up to date, but the look is still unsurpassed. This design has returned from old manufacturing methods and has become a trend. While Taiwan produces most of the bikes, some companies in Europe have specialized in this segment. They took back the method of frame building and focus on sustainability as well as longevity. To achieve these aims, it is necessary to find suitable artisans.

Individual Manufacturing

First, they create the plan on the computer for each one-off production. That happens in direct collaboration with the customer. For this initial step, you need the measurements and data of the sitting position. The extra details such as polished stainless-steel elements, engravings, and wet painting are usually outsourced and manufactured by other specialists. There are no limits to the personalization and customization of your bike. The choices of frames and colors are almost endless. Different seating positions and gearshift variations make each bike a unique piece. The marketing for it runs by itself. The customer base comes from cyclists who have not found suitable bikes in traditional shops and who are looking for something unique. They are mostly interested in bicycles reduced to the essentials. At the same time, they must be able to keep up with the recent technical standard.

Discover The Old

What connects the providers is their love for old racing bikes. They mostly collect old pieces, either out of respect for the bike or as inspiration for their next works. The best and most unusual pieces can be found at flea markets or from their owners who have no idea what to do with these bikes. Specialists among the custom bike providers buy those details for any prices. After a thorough revision, the oldies are then available for a total price of around 400 euros. The target group of these restored bikes consists of collectors and multiple buyers, as well as, young women. They enjoy sport vehicles and appreciate the quality of those bikes. The custom bikes are a totally hot trend towards bikes now. The events of the past few months have caused bicycle sales to skyrocket. More and more people are interested in driving bikes due to healthcare issues. Besides, there is an increasing trend towards individualization, which has long become a mainstream.