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A Brief History of Triumph Motorcycles

Today Triumph Motorcycles is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in Britain and is currently based at Hinckley in the midlands area of the country. Recorded revenue for 2017 was just under five hundred million pounds, with a net profit of 25 million pounds. Currently the company employs two thousand employees at their West Midlands base […]


The Motorbike’s role in films, television and fashion

During the Second World War there were so many troops riding around on motorbikes that when the war ended, the thrill of going out on the road came to an abrupt end. This was partly responsible for the emergence of the bikers, which were large groups of young motor cyclist enthusiasts getting together in their […]


The bicycle and employment

The bicycle has been used for many years in all types of jobs. The first time it was used was as a result of it being the cheapest form of transport. This same attraction is still applicable today, but the bike is also popular as it is a cleaner method of transport, and it can […]


The emergence of the motorcycle

The first appearance of the motorcycle came in the middle of the 19th century and it emerged from the safety bicycle. The appearance of the motorcycle around Europe happened at the same time, with all inventors coming up with the same idea. It was basically to take a safety bicycle and get an engine to […]


The history of the bicycle

The bicycle has a good image. There is something idealistic about riding the bike. It can be seen as a rite of passage of childhood as, after a child can learn to walk and then talk, it usually isn’t long before they learn how to ride a bike. The activity of cycling is seen as […]