Songs and Motorbikes

There are many songs that are associated with riding a motorbike. Some have lyrics in them to reflect the model of the bike while others have a certain sound that immediately associates that music with riding a bike. The Motorbike has had a close relationship with music since the 1960s when followers of different genres […]

The different manufacturers of motorcycles

Motorbikes are produced all around the world as the demand for them is global. The first manufacturers appeared in Europe and the United States because these were the regions where the motorcycle was invented. Many of the early manufacturers are no longer in business, but there are others that still make bikes today. One of […]

Bicycles and Music

There have been many records that have been produced about riding bicycles and there is something about the natural rhythm of riding a bike that goes so well with music. This isn’t a modern trend and composers have been writing music about the bicycle since it first appeared at the end of the 20th century. […]