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Monthly Archives: July 2018

The National Motorcycle Museum

The Midlands of Britain and the motorcycle industry have always been closely related to one another. Many great British motorcycle manufacturers have chosen to base their businesses in this industrious area of the country. Therefore, it was not surprising that Solihull was the location chosen for the National Motorcycle Museum of Great Britain. The museum […]


Countries that are famous for the bicycle

The bicycle is famous all around the world, but there are some countries that are truly well known for being associated with this form of two wheeled transport. The nature of this form of transport is that it is more popular in flat areas than it is in mountainous ones, and there are few countries […]


Cycling as a sport

Cycling has always been popular as a sport. This is particularly true in Western Europe where the summer months are times where many road cycling events take place and in some countries, cycling is seen as one of the nation’s favorite sports. Cycling as a sport was once divided between the outdoor events and the […]