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10 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle – Part 2

7. Finding your zen

Part of the cool factor when you’re a biker is the fact that you no longer stress over things that could be deemed embarrassing, such as helmet hair, wearing base layers when entering a restaurant, or simply refusing to be upset when it’s windy or raining, or too hot or too cold.

Rocks balancing on driftwood, sea in background

When you ride regularly enough, intelligently enough, and for long enough, you’ll be less bothered by the negligence of others on the road. You’ll gain enough intelligence to know that being angry towards one person will destroy your zen. Instead, you’ll be that much more focused on the road.

By constantly being aware of what you’re doing when on the road, and the road around you, such as potential hazards, lane position, road condition, body posture, angle, and speed, you’ll have your mind clear of anything that doesn’t need to be there. You’ll find inner peace and zen when on a bike, and the beauty of it is that some of it will stay with you when you’re away from the road.

8. Helping the environment even more

We mentioned some examples of this in Part 1 but it’s so important that we thought it deserved another section. Modern bikes are forced to meet certain environmental standards and those standards are becoming increasingly strict.

If you’re lane splitting, you’re also having less impact on the environment by not sitting idle for long periods. If your engine isn’t running as much, less crap is entering the air. Of course, if you decide to go electric, you can be even more confident that you’re taking a more environmental-friendly approach.

9. Freedom

“Freedom” is a term that gets used all-too-often (unless it’s in the George Michael song, which, let’s face it, still rocks) that I wonder whether people know what it actually means. When we’re talking about the independence and sense self-sufficiency that comes from climbing onto your bike, however, the word seems to work pretty well.

The world in which we live demands so much of our attention. It may feel that we are any the beck and call of either something or someone, especially if you’re married with children, and have a job with an uber-demanding boss.

When you’re on a bike, it’s just you and the road. You have full control of where you go and how you respond to everything around you. In that time, you don’t have to worry about paying the bills, meeting deadlines, or anything else.

10. Expanding your friend circle

While the idea of there existing a special connection between people simply because they’ve each bought a vehicle on two wheels sounds ridiculous. And yet there does seem to be something to it. Depending on which country you’re in, you’ll be acknowledged with either extended feet, nods, or waves when passing by other riders. There’s a small-town friendliness that exists among riders, no matter where in the world you’re in.