10 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle – Part 1

1. It makes you look cool

Why we sometimes like to turn a blind eye to this, it’s largely at the core of all other reasons. Somehow, simply just being sat on a motorcycle makes you look cooler than everyone around you. And they’ll know it, too. It might seem uncool to admit that- part of being cool comes from having respect for those who aren’t lucky enough to be you- but it’s still true. You don’t have to look like Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider to look cool on a motorcycle. Get on two wheels and the magic will just happen.

2. It makes the commute more fun

Many people wouldn’t even consider travelling to work on a motorcycle, but they actually make more sense than you might think. If you live somewhere that allows lane splitting, heading to work on a bike will see you arrive sooner and in a more relaxed state than if you’d have travelled by car.

3. It’s more cost-effective

It will also be cheaper than travelling by car as a bike can be efficient when it comes to fuel. Basic maintenance, such as oil changes, is also easier than with a car, so that’s more money saved. Some areas charge less for motorcycle parking but even if that isn’t the case where you live, it’s still generally easier to find a place to park.

4. Easier on the environment

A bike doesn’t pollute the air as much as a bike and you’re also helping out your planet and fellow inhabitants by doing less damage to the roads that their taxes pay for, which means that the roads will last longer. It also means that there will be less repair work needed.

5. Connecting with the world

When you’re on the road, the sense of freedom you get helps you to appreciate the world around you. You feel more love, not just for what you see but for everything in your life. Life is for living and it’s more fulfilling to enjoy its physical surroundings as opposed to looking at photos of it.

On a motorcycle, you aren’t looking at a photo or through the window, you’re engaging with actual objects up close, using each of your senses to engage with them. While that isn’t always an advantage (hail storms would be an example), you’ll soon find yourself willing to trade an occasional weather storm for the opportunity to fully embrace the world around you.

6. Health

While some advocates of motorcycles talk up the notion that riding can help you lose weight, that’s somewhat stretching the truth. As it happens, there’s more truth in the idea that it’s healthy for your brain. The endorphins combine with the zen state to create a wonderful feeling. Mental health has been given a lot of attention in recent years and anything that can legitimately improve it that doesn’t require drugs or mind control has to be worth a shot.